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By Josh Feit September 10, 2010

1) Morning Fizz
2) Cola radio: A double shot today. Erica is on KUOW's weekly news wrapup, Josh is on KOMO's weekly wrapup.
3) Dan Bertolet defends cars! True.
4) Last Night: Jazz combo on 11th.
5) Rossi's K Street consultant lines up D.C. fundraisers.
6) Last Night: Pics from yesterday's Sounders game
7) City backs down. No road diet in W. Seattle.
8 ) Latest Sound Transit numbers.
9) Carbon neutrality proposals coming to council next week.
10) BikeNerd: Rolling out the 2011 bicycle agenda in Olympia.
11) Dan Bertolet doesn't write about Arcade Fire. New York Times does.
12) State Rep. Reuven Carlyle schools Tim Eyman on the Constitution.
13) City unions tentatively agree to pay concessions.
14) Our daily roundup: On Other Blogs Today.
15) Afternoon Jolt!
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