Seattle Times lead political reporters Jim Brunner and Jonathan Martin put all the stories about Dino Rossi's investments and business dealings (including when Rossi invested in property with Building Industry Association of Washington lobbyists while he was a state senator and the fact that an early Rossi business partner went to prison for fraud ) in one big story today.

It's a story the Democrats have been pitching since before Rossi got into the race.

The story puts the kibbosh on one of the main "dirty deals" the Democrats were pitching about a $20,000 property tax debt that Rossi's company, Coast Equity Partners, owed:
After the publicity, Coast Equity hired former state Supreme Court Justice Phil Talmadge, a Democrat, to write a letter to the DSCC warning it against smearing the company's reputation with misleading attacks.

A DSCC website trumpeting Rossi's history of "dirty deals" now contains no references to Coast Equity.

However, the Times story turns up a new issue for Rossi concerning one of Coast Equity's apartments, a $9 million building it bought in June.
Though he has criticized Fannie Mae's lending practices on the campaign trail for contributing to the nation's economic meltdown, Rossi signed onto a $5.8 million Fannie Mae loan for the Arlington apartment complex.

Rossi told the Times it was "silliness" to flag Coast Equity's Fannie May loan, despite his stump speeches denouncing the company for being at "the epicenter" of the financial crisis and his calls to rein them in.

Brunner and Martin's story is an important one for voters to read.
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