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Last Night: Smash Putt

By Josh Cohen September 13, 2010

Saturday night, I joined some friends for a round of mini-golf  and $4 mixed drinks at Smash Putt, the temporary, mad-scientist inspired, "miniature golf apocalypse." The 12-hole course featured amazing obstacles, including motorized ramps, moped-driven rotating platforms, circular saws and routers (they were covered by plexi-glass, all fingers are accounted for), and spinning turntables in a disco-themed room complete with disco ball. Smash Putt is housed on the third floor of the old US Immigration Naturalization building in SODO and it is decidedly weird to play hipster mini-golf amongst the bleak holding cells.

My favorite hole of the night featured three high-power, compressed air golf ball cannons and targets ranging from gongs to scuba tanks to an electric bass plugged into an amp. I can think of few times in life that I've felt manlier than when armed with a golf ball cannon.

Cleverest hole: "Infinity," a self-referential green shaped like the infinity sign (clearly the work of a post-modernist loving humanities major). Every time your ball goes in the hole, a machine pops it right back out.

A round of golf costs $15 (you've gotta be 21+ to play) and runs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from now until Oct 17.
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