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Evening Fizz: 34th District Democrats Endorse Joe Fitzgibbon

By Josh Feit September 8, 2010

In case you missed Bryce's twitter report from West Seattle, the 34th District Democrats endorsed Joe Fitzgibbon, the progressive favorite, over Mike Heavey for state Rep. Sharon Nelson's open seat.

The vote was 96-31.

"They made a pretty clear statement that I'm the candidate to do this," Fitzgibbon, who's raised about $50,000 with about $25,000 on hand (and has the backing of progressive groups like the Washington Bus and the Service Employees International Union), told us after the vote.

Heavey, who's raised about $45,000 with about $19,000 on hand, told us:  "Joe has worked really hard to court members here and he deserves recognition for that. I don't think it changes anything. From day one, I knew if I did what I was supposed to do, I [will] come out on top."

Bryce will have a full report from the meeting tomorrow.

Here are a few more of Bryce's tweets including the news that former candidate Marcee Stone, who got the endorsement from the 34th in the primary, but ended up in fourth place in August's top-two primary, said she doesn't plan to endorse either Fitzgibbon or Heavey in the general.

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