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We Have a Winner! Free Passes to Bumbershoot!

By Josh Feit August 16, 2010

Last week, we offered a pair of tickets to Bumbershoot's 40th Festival gig. All you had to do was write a brief essay explaining the political subtext of a '70s hit. (As we all know, even Tab commercials were political in the '70s.)

This week, we've got an '80s question. (Next week, we'll hit the '90s.)

Our '70s winner is Karen Hedberg for her poignant essay about Terry Jacks' 1973/1974 No. 1 hit Seasons in the Sun. She scores a pair of standard tickets (with guaranteed Mainstage access) to each day of the Festival.

The song "Seasons in the Sun" hit the charts in 1973.  I was only 7 years old at the time, but I remember this song playing on the radio and some of my friend's mother's being very emotional while hearing it.  I had the 45 and am not sure why, but I was a bit obsessed with it.  Several of the girls in my neighborhood decided to put on a talent show that summer.  We chose this song as our interpretive dance/lip sync number.  Not exactly uplifting.  Again, we were shocked by the emotional response from the crowd.

It wasn't until my brother pointed out that the song was about death.  It was so emotionally charged because of the Vietnam war.  Here we were, just liking the sound of it.  Not ever thinking of how damned sad it was.  I am guilty of listening to it on you tube to conjure up that summer I was 7 years old.

Karen Hedberg

Congrats Karen! We'll be in touch with you so you can arrange to get your Bumbershoot tickets.
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