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By Bryce McKay August 30, 2010

1) Your daily Morning Fizz!
2) BikeNerd has advice for all you bike newbies (like me) out there.
3) Grant rants. Guest Cola columnist Grant Cogswell.
4) Pinehurst neighborhood activist Renee Stanton has a guest editorial today hyping.
5) Cola's first ever NerdHour, Tuesday at the Five Point Cafe.
6) King County is saving $600,000 thanks to County Executive Dow Constantine's contract negotiations with county and city employees.
7) Erica cranks on the worst sharrow in Seattle.
8 ) PubliColaTV:  Our 2010 ballot measure roundup.
9) Josh makes the case: You think green urbanism is bourgeois? Is Tacoma bourgeois? Didn't think so.
10) Our daily roundup: On Other Blogs Today.
11) Your daily Afternoon Jolt!
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