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By Bryce McKay August 16, 2010

1) Morning Fizz!
2) Josh got a nasty note from Sonic Boom because 1) Car culture creates an unfair dialectic; 2) He got drunk; 3) Sonic Youth is an '80s band; 4) All of the Above. Answer here.
3) The same people who brought you "walkscore" now bring you "transitscore!" Check it out for all your quantified transit evaluation needs.
4) We've got another pair of Bumbershoot tickets to give away. Win them by picking a song from the '80s, and  writing an essay about why it's really all about Ronald Reagan.
5) Last night, a battle of the bands broke out between two street performers.
6) King County Executive Dow Constantine announced that 500 county workers have tentatively agreed to forgo their cost-of-living increase.
7) PubliCola is having a Party and YOU ARE INVITED! (We'll be giving away more Bumbershoot tickets there to give away too).
8 ) Bertolet is on vacay. No worries. Dorsol Plants will be filling in this week.
9) Wondering what percentage of the vote qualifies as good news for Patty Murray tomorrow night? Jennifer Duffy at the Cook Political Report has the answer.
10) Congrats to PubliCola readear Karen Hedberg for winning two passes to Bumbershoot breaking by down the '70s.
11) Which Seattle Suburb is tops for cyclists? Read Erica's report on the cascade rankings to find out.
12) Afternoon Jolt! Today's winner and loser.
13) BikeNerd.
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