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By Erica C. Barnett August 12, 2010

1) Today's packed Morning Fizz!
2) Must-see PubliCola TV, featuring state Sen. Rodney Tom and U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell.
3) Recommended reading: The Seattle Times profiles Dino Rossi.
4) Despite so-called "delay," transit plan will be finished in time for 2011 light-rail vote.
5) Lefty consultant works both sides of the fence.
6) Correction: I-1082 will cost the state more than it will save.
7) BikeNerd wonders: Why will it take three weeks to paint the handrails on the Ballard Bridge?
8 ) Josh talks initiatives on KUOW.
9) The state budget: More cuts to come, says the Gov.
10) It's Bumbershoot's 40th anniversary, and we're giving away tickets!
11) Petition signers' names released by the state since 2006? 2 million. Instances of harassment or intimidation? 0.
12) Bellevue's preferred light rail alignment has some issues.
13) BikeNerd digs the new bike lanes on 11th Ave. NE.
14) Charles Mudede makes Gawker! For being "insane."
15) Afternoon Jolt!
16) PubliCola TV: Sen. Patty Murray won't say whether supports bailing out money-losing Freddie Mac.
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