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By Bryce McKay August 3, 2010

1) Morning Fizz!
2) PubliCola Picks another Republican in the 31st. GOP challenger, Patrick Reed.
3) Rossi would vote against Elena Kagan.
4) Dan Bertolet, aka HugeassCity, tears down City Council Member Tim Burgess for saying that tunnel opponents "Don't have a plan."
5) Last Night Sam Machkovech saw a rock show.
6) Mayor McGinn on the City Council's tunnel vote.
7) Josh Feit burns Patty Murray re: her new TV ad. The ad implies that Rossi loves Wall Street bailouts. Problem? Murray loves them too—at least according to her voting record.
8 ) A Democratic think tank, Third Way, analyzed the Dems' strategy for the midterms. The report card? Needs Improvement.
9) Poll: Murray leads Rossi by three. Unfortunately, that's the margin of error.
10) BikeNerd says that Seattle is pretty good, compared to small-town Pennsylvania.
11) Phone Books:  City staffers-turned-lobbyists fight council member O'Brien's recycling proposal.
12) A King County Council candidate is barred from county property? I wonder how she got in the building to file.
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