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By Bryce McKay August 2, 2010

A liter of Cola today:

1) Morning Fizz: Nick Harper is gaining momentum; Cap and Trade is stalled in the Senate; and a Washington Post primer on repealing the Bush-era tax cuts.
2) Last Night, Dan Bertolet went to the Seafair parade, took pictures for you to see, and ate late-night hot dogs.
3) PubliCola Picks Blue-Green Coalition co-leader Tami Green for State Leg.
4) Josh Feit with some deep (tunnel) thinking
5) Joe Fain, leader of the push to make King County elections non-partisan has a campaign war chest filled almost entirely by Republicans.
6) Erica C. Barnett has the scoop on city council poll numbers: All five up for re-election next year are evidently nobodies.
7) A Republican PAC released a hard-hitting ad against Geoff Simpson today, telling him to "get help" instead of running for re-election.
8 ) News Flash! Washington's ballot initiative system sucks.
9) The City Council, who may have heard that they're vulnerable from Erica C. Barnett, has started raising money for next year's campaigns.
10) The opening shot of Erica's series on viaduct replacement committee: a preview.
11) PubliCola made it onto the Huffington Post!
12) PubliCola Picks Vince DeMiero for the open first district seat.
13) Erica. Tunnel. Etc. The Council passes nonbinding tunnel resolution urging more transit dollars.
14) Republicans are ahead of Democrats by six on the generic congressional ballot, but Dems gained two points this week.
15) Joe Fitzgibbon, candidate for the 34th L.D. State House pulled down a sole endorsement from Planned Parenthood.
16) Our Daily Roundup: On Other Blogs Today.
17) Erica. Tunnel. Etc. Final report on today's council meeting.
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