IF LILY BERLINA’S daily contributions to the new iPhone app Real Weather Girls shine with even half the enthusiasm she displayed when she answered our phone call, well meteorology geeks, you’re in for a stretch of balmy days.

“Hi! How are you?!” her voice chimed through the receiver. No wonder the 19-year-old UW business major eased through three auditions (headed by a former casting director from The Bachelor) to beat out hundreds of TV forecasters, actresses, and models to star as the new face of Seattle weather.

But aside from an obsession with cumulus-filled skies (“My friends call me ‘super nerdy’ when I start talking about clouds”) Berlina, a native Russian who moved to the Northwest eight years ago, isn’t exactly a threat to the career of reigning cloudmeister Cliff Mass.

Billed as the first-ever live TV phone application, Real Weather Girls, launching September 14, will follow the lives of 12 women in as many cities around the globe. Users get continuous local, national, and international weather updates along with video podcasts by each woman, who will document their atmospheric experiences in their city.

“The audience will be able to see Seattle through my eyes and see how interesting it really is,” Berlina beamed, brightening our mood on an overcast afternoon. “My goal is to make someone’s day.”

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