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"Hmm. So, What About the Rest of the Candidates?"

By Morning Fizz August 5, 2010

1. The Washington Life Coalition—an anti-abortion group that thinks GOP candidate Dino Rossi isn't firm enough on the issue (we interviewed WLC leader Mary Emanuel here)—has released a new video criticizing Rossi for a vote he took as a state senator in 2002 which made emergency contraception available to rape victims in hospitals.


The YouTube vid makes the case that hospital workers shouldn't be forced to make EC available. "Yeah, Dino says he'll vote his conscience," a woman's voice says in the video, "but he doesn't seem too worried about the conscience of health care workers."

The video doesn't endorse any of Rossi's more conservative opponents, like hardline pro-life Tea Party candidate Clint Dider. But it ends with a woman's voice asking: "Hmm. So, what about the rest of the candidates?"

2. City council member Mike O'Brien says he expects his council colleagues to sign off on legislation cracking down on phone-book companies that deliver unwanted phone books to Seattle homes. Although O'Brien doesn't expect a so-called "opt-in" alternative—in which phone-book companies only deliver books to customers who request them—to pass, he thinks the council could pass legislation that's "the first of its kind in the country," increasing accountability standards so that when customers opt out, they actually don't get phone books.

Phone-book company lobbyists will fly in to Seattle next week, when O'Brien's committee is scheduled to take up his (still unreleased) proposal.

3. More deberiefing on Monday's big council vote: City council member Tim Burgess went Twitter crazy during Monday's council meeting on the tunnel resolution. Check out his extensive Twitter commentary (he calls an O'Brien amendment asking the state to remove language putting Seattle taxpayers on the hook for tunnel cost overruns a "poison pill") here.

4. Transportation Choices Coalition's summer party tonight will be a nerdfest of epic proportions: In addition to American Public Transit Association president William Millar and Reconnecting America head John Robert Smith, Congressman Jay Inslee (D-WA, 1) and King County Executive Dow Constantine will be speaking. Tickets are $50.

5. A cool new interactive feature on Bing Maps, Seattle Issues, allows citizens to report issues like potholes, traffic signal problems, broken pavement, and graffiti. Right now, complaints range from drug activity to potholes to "drinking fountain doesn't work." Check out your neighborhood or add your own issues here.

6. Speaking of neighborhood complaints: City council member Nick Licata is looking for a way to restore a controversial art installation at 23rd and Union that was taken down because it included one photo of a convicted criminal from the area.

Licata says it doesn't seem fair that the whole installation was removed because of a single image.

7. Morning Fizz now has a sister: "Afternoon Sugar" (working title). Our daily Sugar High/Sugar Crash post will ID the political winner and loser of the day. The first instalment hit yesterday.

In other PubliCola news: Join us on August 17th at the 5 Point Cafe at 5th and Denny for our Primary night election party. More details to come.
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