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Tilting the Public Right of Way Scale

By Morning Fizz July 20, 2010

1. The city council is sending a letter to Sound Transit CEO Joni Earl this week asking the transit agency to allocate "excess" money from the planned First Hill streetcar to plan an extension of the streetcar north on Broadway to Roy Street, instead of rolling that money (estimated at more than $700,000) back into Sound Transit's general budget. Currently, the streetcar plan shows a route ending at Broadway and Denny.

Actually completing the streetcar to Roy would cost an estimated $132.8 million.

2. City Council member Sally Clark offers a suggestion for what she calls "radical pedestrian change" on her blog: Closing down a portion of Pike Street on weekend nights, the way Austin, TX closes down Sixth Street downtown on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

At a recent meeting of the Capitol Hill Community Council, Clark writes, people "seemed to have a voracious appetite for tilting the public right-of-way scale" in the Pike-Pine neighborhood toward pedestrians instead of cars.

3. Washington State Supreme Court Justice candidate, former Washington State Court of Appeals judge and Bainbridge attorney Charlie Wiggins got two nods yesterday: The Kitsap County Bar Association came out for Wiggins  (30 percent actually rated longtime incumbent, Libertarian Justice Richard Sanders "unqualified") and the Muni League rated Wiggins "Outstanding" while calling Sanders "Good."

4. No official word yet on the Sierra Club's city referendum saying Seattle property owners shouldn't be held liable for any tunnel cost overruns—they were meeting last night to discuss the City Council's suggested provisions. But it was likely a done deal before yesterday's meeting.

Sierra Club officials were telling supporters this weekend that "it's real."

5. City Council member Tom Rasmussen is participating in Mayor Mike McGinn's "Walk, Bike, Ride" challenge in style: The diminutive West Seattleite is riding to City Hall these days on a black-and-white Cervelo 3T, a birthday gift from his partner, former Onvia President Clayton Lewis

Morning Fizz didn't have the nerve to ask how much it cost (maybe BikeNerd could tell us?), but Rasmussen did let us pick it up, and it was the lightest bike we'd ever lifted.
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