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Re: For the Tunnel. Against Cost Overruns. Anyone?

By Josh Feit July 12, 2010

In my mini-editorial this morning, I called on pro-tunnel  advocates to stake out a compromise (and missing) position in the debate between Mayor Mike McGinn and Seattle City Council Member Richard Conlin, who are both attached to their blatantly political and mostly disingenuous stances.

The Third Way: Adamantly pro-tunnel and adamantly anti-cost overruns.

One of the politicians I called out was State Sen. Ed Murray (D-43). He responded, telling me:
"Four years ago I passed legislation creating an independent board to review the viaduct financing. I have recommended we do it again. And not just now, but throughout the life of the project."

The previous financial review, Murray points out, was done before the 2008 economic crash, and so, the a-okay  the tunnel project got a few years ago from the auditors doesn't apply anymore, he says and he wants another review.
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