Heidi Munson is a slash-and-burn Tea Party conservative who emphasizes "liberty," lower taxes, and ending illegal immigration, which she blames for high health-care costs.

Let’s start with the budget. Munson’s campaign website is pretty cute, addressing the voter directly:

“Have you seen what you’re paying in property taxes lately? How about sales tax? Pretty nice, huh? Where is all that money going? And why have we had such an enormous budget deficit?”

Answering her own questions, Munson concludes, “The size of government and taxes both need to be cut.” However, she doesn't offer a single suggestion about which services she would de-fund. Perhaps if Munson had attended some of the budget forums held by Gov. Chris Gregoire this year, she would have heard what PubliCola did: People depend upon the essential state services they’re receiving.

Democrat Luis Moscoso is a dialed-in activist who has worked with the Snohomish County Citizens Committee for Human Rights, the Washington Public Employees Association. He is endorsed by the Snohomish County Executive and a majority of the county council. His top issues are public transportation (a critical issue in the sprawling 1st District, which encompasses northeast King County and south Snohomish County, including areas of Bothell, Woodinville, Mountlake Terrace, and Brier) energy efficiency, and college affordability. He has raised $40,000 to Munson's $9,000. The other Democrat in the race, David Griffin, does not appear to have an active campaign.

PubliCola picks Luis Moscoso.
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