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By Josh Feit July 30, 2010

1) Morning Fizz.
2) KOMO Cola.
3) Public puts pot atop Governor's to do list.
4) Murray tops Rossi. Barely.
5) Bertolet has a humble request.
6) Gregoire denies she gave Chopp the cost overruns idea. And Chopp's office cannot document Gregoire's supposed role.
7) Godden rejects Friends of Seattle tunnel amendment proposal.
8 ) GOP state senate candidate leaves angry message on his Democratic opponent's voice mail. We've got the tape.
9) Meanwhile, Seattle City Council Member Mike O'Brien and Port Commissioner John Creighton have a Facebook fight.
10) Last Night: U.S. Congress candidate Scott Sizemore shaves his goatee.
11) This weekend: BikeNerd has some fun biking suggestions.
12) Two more state ledge endorsements: PubliCola Picks Carol Gregory and Raymond Bunk for sate house and state senate.
13) Late Afternoon Fizz: Gregoire's approval and disapproval numbers.
14) Our daily roundup: On Other Blogs Today.
15) Josh Cohen, aka BikeNerd, answers readers' bike questions.
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