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By Bryce McKay July 20, 2010

1) Your daily Morning Fizz!
2) KOMO Cola: Check it out Friday.
3) Extra Fizz!
4) Patty Murray defends herself over unemployment insurance against Josh's claims that she's a hypocrite.
5) Surprise! Mayor McGinn expresses his doubts about the city council's tunnel agreements.
6) Josh gives some much-needed campaign advice to Dems: It's not about former President Bush anymore.
7) Wait for it... McGinn and the city council disagree about the tunnel. This time it's about: potential Human Service Cuts.
8 ) BikeNerd chronicles his Seattle to Portland ride this past weekend, and uses the phrase "unfettered gluttony" which, in my opinion, should appear in far more of our posts.
9) Have you got budget advice for the governor? Vitriolic tirades against public art? Make your case at Gov. Gregoire's new Transform Washington's Budget site.
10) Tim Burgess actually does have a concern about the tunnel project: congestion in South Lake Union.
11) Our daily roundup: On Other Blogs Today.
12) Wait. Did Josh just say Mayor Mike McGinn united the Sunnis and the Shia?
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