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By Josh Feit July 13, 2010

Take a sip:
1. Morning Fizz
2. Some self-promo: Our weekly KOMO gig.
3. Hugeasscity on the hugeass building proposal for 11th & Pine.
4. Simpson Supporters still standing by their man.
5. PubliColaTV outtake: Eastisde GOP candidate Gregg Bennett on pot and gays.
6. Emergency Contraception: Closing Arguments.
7. Who funded the anti-Murray hit piece? Who knows?
8. Dino Rossi's raises nearly as much as Murray this quarter.
9. Diane Tebelius raises more than Ross Hunter.
10. Our daily roundup: On Other Blogs Today.
11. Erica files a C is for Crank on McGinn's nightlife proposal.
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