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By Josh Feit July 12, 2010

1. Morning Fizz
2. Cola opinion piece: Tunnel proponents need to find their inner Joni Earl.
3. Religious pharmacists win a battle in the war over emergency contraception.
4. Last night: Photos from Erica's weekend.
5. Erica's got the latest from Bellevue: Residents don't like light rail route.
6. State Sen. Ed Murray on the tunnel question.
7. Mike O'Brien's case that phone books are archaic: The evidence piles up.
8. PubliColaTV: The battle for Seattle's 'Burbs with GOP state Senate hopeful Gregg Bennett
9. BikeNerd isn't only a nerd, he's pro feminist. Swoon!
10. KC Council budget committee okays sales tax proposal.
11. Cola opinion piece (this one from Bertolet): Green my ass.
12. Our daily roundup: On Other Blogs Today
13. Erica's got a bit of a bomb shell from today's Viaduct Replacement Committee meeting.
14. And Bryce has video from the Viaduct Replacement Committee meeting. PubliColaTV starring Cary Moon.
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