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In Our Avalanche of Endorsements Yesterday

By Morning Fizz July 29, 2010

Yesterday, we rolled out our endorsements in the U.S. Senate race, plus our endorsements in all the U.S. Congressional races west of the Cascades and in this year's two State Supreme Court races (vote for Stan Rumbaugh.)

Today, we'll be rolling out a batch of endorsements in this year's state legislative races.  (Our very own Dan Bertolet will be filing his own batch of endorsements too.)

We're making endorsements in all the King County races where there are more than two candidates—like the crowded 34th Legislative District—plus we'll be endorsing in key races in Snohomish and Pierce.

We're waiting until October to endorse in races where there are already just two candidates. (We did endorse in the Sate Supreme Court Position 1 race, though—vote for Stan Rumbaugh—because one-on-one races in supreme court races are decided in the primary.)

In case you missed it in our avalanche of endorsements yesterday, Erica did manage to get some news from city hall—Seattle City Council member Mike O'Brien has some new tunnel amendments, and in non-tunnel news, longtime Seattle City Council member Tom Rasmussen aide, Ann Corbitt resigned.
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