By Dan Bertolet July 18, 2010

Occidental Park in Pioneer Square is one of the few places in downtown Seattle that fits most people's idea of beautiful. Here's the scene last Wednesday at noon, Seattle perfect summer weather, enough dappled sunlight to fill a Monet. It's messy but unified, cozy, romantic, earthy, comfortable, grounded, human scale---in a word: organic.

In contrast, if I had to describe the scene below in a single word, that word would be inorganic. That is not to say this view of Two Union Square looking across the Denny Triangle isn't beautiful in its own way. But it sure doesn't look anything like a place made for human beings to live fulfilling lives. It looks as if it was designed to be a space station, with no need for earth or atmosphere.

Where would you go to sneak a kiss in a place like this?

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