Noel Treat, chief of staff for controversial City Light director Jorge Carrasco, submitted notice of his resignation to Carrasco two days ago, sources at the city say.

Carrasco announced he was hiring Treat, the onetime chief of staff to former King County Executive Kurt Triplett, after a nationwide search just over two months ago. Treat is leaving to take a position as chief legal advisor to the Seattle School Board and the school superintendent. He replaced former chief of staff Sung Yang, who left City Light to take a job as government and labor relations director for King County Executive Dow Constantine.

Treat is the second high-level City Light staffer to leave the agency in recent months. His departure follows the resignation of conservation resources director Bob Balzar last month.

A 2007 survey of City Light employees found that more than 80 percent of City Light workers felt utility executives didn't know what was going on at the front lines and didn't communicate well with staff.
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