More Friday Likes and Dislikes, Plus an Isn't It Weird and a Jolt

Weird development in Roosevelt, awesome story in 'Seattle Met,' and out at Seattle City Light

03/13/2015 By Josh Feit


Imperfect Party

Here’s who we’d invite if we could roast this year’s most shameless visitors, bumbling locals, and all-around knuckleheads.

12/01/2014 By Seattle Met Staff

City Hall

Sawant Grills City Light Director

Council energy committee chair Kshama Sawant grills City Light director Jorge Carrasco on efforts to burnish his image, his request for a raise, and employee morale.

07/23/2014 By Erica C. Barnett

Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: What Sawant Hopes to Accomplish

Caffeinated news and gossip featuring Carrasco, aPodments, exaggerated voters' guide claims, and transit equals safety

07/23/2014 By Morning Fizz

Afternoon Jolt

Wednesday Jolt: Carrasco and Candidate Ratings

The day's winners and losers

07/02/2014 By Afternoon Jolt

Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz: Far Beyond Contraception

Caffeinated News & Gossip featuring pro-bike, anti-choice, and annoyed.

07/01/2014 By Morning Fizz

City Hall

Carrasco's Potential Pay Raise Confirmed, With Two Dissenters

With two dissenters, the city council confirms a potential pay increase of $125,000 for Seattle City Light director Jorge Carrasco.

06/16/2014 By Erica C. Barnett

City Hall

Carrasco Could Get $100,000 Raise

City council utilities chair Sawant critical of huge pay boost for City Light director Jorge Carrasco.

06/04/2014 By Erica C. Barnett


Carrasco to Stay at City Light; Arizona Job Goes to Insider

In an email this afternoon, City Light director Jorge Carrasco told City Light employees that he did not get a $500,000-$700,000 job he applied for at the Salt River Project, a public utility in Phoneix, Arizona.

04/26/2011 By Erica C. Barnett

City Hall

Another Top Manager Leaves City Light

Another top official leaves Seattle City Light, just two months after being appointed by controversial City Light director Jorge Carrasco.

07/19/2010 By Erica C. Barnett