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Without Valid Written Authorization from the Deceased

By Morning Fizz June 29, 2010

1. Heads up Joni Balter (and everybody else who gets exercised whenever the Seattle City Council gets its p.c. on.)

The Fizz has one for you: City Council member Nick Licata is sponsoring legislation that would ban exhibits of human cadavers, like the controversial "Bodies" exhibit, in the city "without valid written authorization from the deceased."

"Bodies" has come under fire because it includes exclusive Chinese cadavers that were obtained from medical schools in China; critics have expressed concern that the bodies may have come from murder victims, prisoners, or mental-health patients. Although the curators of the exhibit have said the bodies come from legitimate sources, they have declined to provide certificates proving as much. San Francisco has had a ban on "Bodies" and similar exhibits since 2005.

2. The Fizz has one for Tea Party hopeful Clint Didier too: Dino Rossi is holding a D.C. fundraiser today.

It's being hosted by 10 Republican U.S. Senators including Sens. Lamar Alexander, Orrin Hatch, Jim Inhofe, and Roger Wicker.

Suggested Contributions: Sponsor, $5,000 per PAC/$2,000 per Individual; Co-Host, $2,000 per PAC/$1,000 per Individual; Attend, $1,000 per PAC/$500 per Individual.

The event is being organized by hot shot GOP fundraisers, the D.C.-based Gula Graham group.

3. At a press briefing yesterday, a KING-5 TV reporter asked Mayor Mike McGinn whether Monday morning's Supreme Court ruling finding that the Second Amendment gives people the right to bear arms in state and local jurisdictions would have any bearing on the city's efforts to ban guns in city parks. (A local court struck down Seattle's gun ban earlier this year, but the city has said it will appeal).

McGinn's response? He hadn't, as of 11:00 yesterday morning, even heard about the ruling. "What Supreme Court is that?" McGinn asked, before saying that although he wasn't familiar with the ruling, "We're not the only city across the state that looks for flexibility to ban guns from parks, pools or community centers where appropriate."

4. It's getting down to the wire for the I-1068, the initiative to legalize pot. They have until Friday to turn in 241,000 valid signatures. We checked in with them yesterday and they said to check back Wednesday as signature sheets are still coming in—including from a last-minute push: putting signature sheets in 80,000 copies of the Stranger.

So far, six initiatives—including two alcohol privatization measures, a Tim Eyman initiative to reinstate the two-thirds legislative-majority-rule on tax increases, and a high earners income tax—have, or say they're ready to, turn in their sigs.

5. In case you missed it yesterday: Erica's reporting forced Republican King County Council Member Pete von Reichbaeur to return illegal contributions.
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