1. The Republicans held their convention this weekend in Vancouver. The Seattle Times has a report here, The Tacoma News Tribune here,  and the Stranger's Eli Sanders has a video of a Rossi Q&A with the press where Rossi is asked about abortion and immigration.

2. On Friday, zooming in on the Republicans' big push to take back the Eastside Seattle suburbs, we checked in on the latest fundraising from the pack of GOP candidates running for the statehouse there. One race we forgot about was former Washington State Party Chair Diane Tebelius' run against incumbent Rep. Ross Hunter (D-48, Medina), the Democrats’ House Finance Chair in Olympia who oversaw the budget negotiations this year.

Tebelius, who's only been in the race for a few weeks, has raised $22,000 to Hunter's $21,000. And she has $17,736 on hand to Hunter's $17,507.

3. Jeff Reifman, who runs a blog dedicated to exposing Microsoft's out-of-state tax dodge, took PubliCola to task for not asking Microsoft VP Brad Smith about the loophole during a recent press Q&A with Smith.

Reifman's post is misleading re: PubliCola's reporting, but he has some good points, and we will follow-up with Microsoft today to ask about the tax dodge.