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By Bryce McKay June 29, 2010

1. Morning Fizz: Nick Licata says "No!" to cadavers; Dino Rossi has a big-money fundraiser in D.C.—with lots of Republican Senators; McGinn doesn't know what's going on with the gun ban; and the pot initiative may go up in smoke.
2. Erica goes on KOMO radio  to talk about her County Council scoop.
3. BikeNerd analyzes the progress (or lack thereof?) on Seattle's Master Bike Plan.
4. Weighing in on some newspaper-on-newspaper action, Erica C. Barnett cranks out about the P-I's editorial against the Seattle Times.
5. Erica unravels yesterday's viaduct meeting: McGinn's provision may be irrelevant.
6. Senator Murray's homeless veterans bill  starts a political fire fight.
7. RossiFizz: He gets an extension on his personal finances disclosure? Very very Interesting.
8. Our daily roundup: On Other Blogs Today.
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