UPDATE: Citing his wariness of dividing the party and dividing resources, Republican Benton makes it official—he's dropping out the race, and he's endorsing Dino Rossi.

Original Post:

We just called some the GOP candidates in the pack going after Democratic U.S. Sen. Patty Murray's seat to get their take on Dino Rossi's formidable out-of-the gate fundraising.

There was no answer at conservative state Sen. Don Benton's (R-17) campaign shop. Our guess: Look for Benton to drop out of the race later today now that his friend Rossi is in with $600,000 after just one week, according to Rossi.

We reached a volunteer at Clint Didier's campaign office. She said she had seen the report on Rossi's money and directed us to email Didier's campaign spokesman, Warren Aaberg.
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