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By Josh Feit June 4, 2010

A few months ago, Morning Fizz wrote this:

Divining local angles on national stories isn’t the most inspired journalism, but we’re loving the PubliCola plotline on the Sen. Harry Reid story (yesterday’s New York Times ran a feature about how the Democratic Senate Majority Leader is the number one target for Tea Party activists).

The Teapublicans better not get too cocky. As we reported last month, the former spokesman for the Washington State Democratic Party, Kelly Steele—a bona fide brawler—was tapped as Reid’s campaign spokesman.

Reid’s numbers are terrible, so Steele might not pull it off, but the swaggering Tea Party folks are certainly in for a little surprise courtesy of the guy who flattened Mike McGavick and Dino Rossi.

We're not sure if it's the health care bill, or the apparently bumbling GOP competition, or Kelly Steele, (or that it's a DailyKos poll), but things appear to be looking better for Reid.

Partisan D blog HorsesAss actually noted Steele and the Reid turnaround yesterday, getting this polite, LeBorn-James-style quote in response from evident all-star Steele:
“We have a huge and talented team of professionals,” he replied, “and it’s unfair to call out any one member.”

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