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Initiative Roundup

By Josh Feit June 28, 2010

So far, six initiative campaigns have turned in, or are ready to turn in, the signatures they've collected to get on November's ballot.

You need 241,000 valid signatures and the Secretary of State, wary of bad signatures, recommends turing in over 300,000 to make sure you hit the number.

Signatures must be in by July 2. The campaigns that say they're good to go are:

I-1100, privatize liquor sales. Biggest contributor: Costco at $735,000.

I-1082, privatize workers' comp option. Biggest contributor: the Building Industry Association of Washington at $500,000.

I-1105, a separate initiative to privatize booze that comes with slightly more state controls around pricing and licensing.  Biggest Contributor: L.A.-based Young's Market Company at $850,000.

I-1053, Tim Eyman's initiative to (re)institute a two-thirds majority rule on the Legislature for raising taxes. Biggest Contributors: Conoco Phillips, Tesoro, and the Washington Bankers Association at $25,000 each.

(As we reported on Friday, the Association of Washington Business has set up a separate political action committee to support I-1053.  The Washington Farm Bureau is the biggest contributor at $50,000.)

I-1098, the high earners income tax. Biggest contributor: Service Employees International Union 775 at $120,000.

I-1107, repealing the pop tax. Biggest contributor: The American Beverage Association at $1.5 million.

The initiative to legalize pot, I-1068, hasn't turned in their signatures yet.
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