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What She had Planned to Tell the President

By Morning Fizz June 22, 2010

1. Former deputy mayor Tim Ceis was, according to numerous City Council sources, involved in a road-rage incident last week that culminated in the driver of the other car slapping Ceis in the face and driving away. Apparently, Ceis and the other driver got into an argument in West Seattle after the driver cut Ceis off.

After yelling at each other from their cars for several minutes, both Ceis and the other driver allegedly got out of their cars and had a verbal altercation. The second driver then apparently slapped Ceis in the face and drove away. No police officers were called, and no charges were filed, in the alleged incident.

Ceis has not returned a call about thes dramatic accounts.

2. Presumably because of this Gen. McChrystal stuff, U.S. Sen Maria Cantwell's scheduled meeting with President Obama to help lay out the Senate's climate change proposals was canceled.

Cantwell is co-sponsoring a "Cap & Dividend" plan with Republican Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) that would: put a cap on carbon emissions; sell carbon permits to fossil fuel producers; give 75 percent of the money to residential utility customers; and invest in green technology. It is one of the main options on the table. (Chris Kissel first noted Cantwell's alternative to the standard Cap & Trade plan being proposed by Sen. John Kerry, last May.)

In  a preview of what she had planned to tell the president, Cantwell did go on MSNBC yesterday afternoon to hype her plan.

3. Yesterday, we reported that the city council is considering two options to fund a new downtown seawall and improvements on the waterfront that would eliminate the need for Mayor Mike McGinn's proposed seawall tax increase. (McGinn's proposal would involve a 30-year bond measure and would require the approval of 60 percent of Seattle voters.) At a press conference yesterday, PubliCola asked McGinn his opinion of the two options that eliminated his proposal. His response: "We'll have to get back to you on that."

4. Yesterday, the Seattle Times picked up Erica's story about Republican King County Council Member Pete von Reichbauer's curious list of campaign expenditures. (The Times courteously credited us.)

Von Reichbauer, who never returned Erica's call, did talk to the Times. Times writer Keith Ervin reports: "Von Reichbauer, a Republican, said he didn't return a call from Barnett, who was seeking an explanation, because he considers her website an arm of the Democratic Party."

Von Reichbauer is wrong. Here's a quick sample of recent PubliCola stories that show how off base von Reichbauer's assumption is:

•We debunk Democratic U.S. Sen. Patty Murray's false claim she didn’t take any money from Goldman Sachs.
•We call BS on an anti-Dave Reichert (R-WA, 8 ) press release from Democrat Suzan DelBene's campaign.
We give the mike to Dino Rossi's campaign in an article about Sen. Murray's support for a big labor bill. We  talked to Murray's office too, obviously. But Rossi's campaign, which was happy to chat, gets the last word. And it's a zinger.
•We  credit GOP state Sen. Curtis King (R-14) and GOP state House member Skip Priest (R-30) for their education reform amendments (and for embarrassing the union-lackey Democrats.)
•We call BS on another anti-Dave Reichert press release. This one is from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
We talk at length with the state GOP about their  strategy to win back the Eastside Seattle 'burbs from the vulnerable state House Democrats.
•We give props to Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna for his "Ambitious Legislative Agenda" (We follow up a few weeks later to report that "all of McKenna’s bills are still in play except [one].")
•We kick off our Cola guest op/ed series with a piece by Republican AG (and likely GOP gubernatorial candidate) Rob McKenna.
•We head to Vancouver and write two articles (one, two) about promising GOP U.S. Congressional candidate Jaime Herrera's campaign kick-off. And using U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers' (R-WA, 5) words (McMorris Rodgers, the 4th ranking Republican in the U.S. Congress, was happy to talk to us), we call young, Latina Herrera the "new face of the party."
•We give  Team McKenna props for a national award.
•Dino Rossi is happy to talk to PubliCola again, this time, candidly spelling out his position on abortion legislation.
•Remember that article we wrote about the GOP strategy to take back the Eastside 'burbs? We hype Eastside Republican candidate Steve Litzow's campaign. (We hyped Litzow's campaign again yesterday.)
•Remember that article we wrote about the GOP strategy to take back the Eastside 'burbs? We hype Eastside Republican candidate Gregg Bennett's campaign.
We second Joel Connelly's excellent editorial about the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee's pathetic anti-Rossi story pitch. I believe we called the DSCC pitch a "damn dumb story."

ECB called von Reichbauer again yesterday for a comment. He did not return her call.
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