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FMAP Funding Goes Down Again

By Bryce McKay June 18, 2010

Camden's out today, but there's some news in the state budget story he's been following. As he's reported, Olympia is crossing its fingers for $480 million in Medicaid money, known as FMAP. Without the money, the state will have to take another look at the budget, and maybe even call a special session.

Last night, a  vote for cloture to overcome a Republican filibuster against FMAP funding (among other things) was defeated.

When asked if she will be calling a special session in order to reconcile the budget, a spokesman in Gov. Gregoire's office hedged their bets. "There's no plan for a special session yet. Everyone is optimistic that FMAP is not dead. Obviously, a timeline will be necessary at some point, but it's too early to say if a special session will be needed."

Sens. Murray and Cantwell supported the measure, which went down in the 56-40 vote. Calls are in to the offices of both senators to check FMAP's pulse. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Neb.) and Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) both strayed across caucus lines to support the filibuster.

PubliCola favorite schmudget has also done some good reporting on the FMAP/state budget issue.
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