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Extra Fizz: Judge Says Gregoire Brief is No Go for Now

By Josh Feit June 28, 2010

On Friday, a  judge denied Gov. Chris Gregoire's motion to file a brief defending the new health care reform law that a group of conservative state attorneys general are challenging in federal court.

Gregoire filed the request last week with three other Democratic governors from states whose attorneys general, like Washington's AG Rob McKenna, are challenging the health care reform law.

Calling it a "gag order," Gregoire spokesman Cory Curtis says, "Our major concern it that the governors are being totally silenced in the court, and for Washingtonians only one voice is being heard, Rob McKenna's. There's no balance. Where's the voice for the thousands of Washingtonians who will benefit from this law?"

The judge, Roger Vinson, said he may allow the governors to join the case if it goes to trial. Currently, he's considering a U.S. Department of Justice motion to dismiss the attorneys general case, and ruled that it was too early to consider Gregoire's friend of the court brief.
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