The Seattle Fire Fighters Union issued a short list of early endorsements today, and, as you might expect, the most interesting thing about it is who's not on it. Locally, the only Seattle City Council member who got the firefighters' nod is public-safety committee chair Tim Burgess, a law-and-order guy who sponsored this year's failed aggressive-panhandling law. Jean Godden, Sally Clark, Tom Rasmussen, and Bruce Harrell are all up for reelection next year.

At the legislative level, the union endorsed four local Democrats---Scott White (D-46), Reuven Carlyle (D-36), Frank Chopp (D-43), and Ed Murray (D-43). The group also endorsed Republican Dave Reichert (R-8) and Democrat Jay Inslee (D-1) for Congress, as well as Republican King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg.

Kenny Stuart, head of the firefighters union, says the early endorsements are "based on [the candidates'] support for public safety and the safety and security of fire fighters" and do not preclude additional endorsements in the future. Stuart says the firefighters are "very concerned that the current financial situation in Seattle could result in decisions that negatively impact public safety and the fire department" during next year's budget cuts.
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