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Didier Meets Libertarian Hero Ron Paul in D.C.

By Chris Kissel June 16, 2010

We've been pretty obsessed with Clint Didier's Twitter—he's been keeping us abreast of all his movements lately, from meetings with Sarah Palin to his recent surprise trip to DC to meet with the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

This morning, he posted about his meeting with U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX,14) (who the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, in a hurried press release sent out this morning, confused with his son, Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul).

Didier's chief campaign consultant, Kathryn Serkes, told PubliCola, "It was a policy meeting between two liberty-oriented citizen-statesmen. It was two guys sitting down to do some red-meat issues work."

Serkes wouldn't go into detail on the conversation between Didier and Paul, which took place in Rep. Paul's Congressional office today, but the two talked about auditing the Federal Reserve, the unconstitutionality of Bush's Patriot Act, and repealing Obama's health care legislation signed into law in March.

The pair also talked about Federal farm subsidies. Didier, who farms alfalfa in Eastern Washington, wants to gradually phase out all farm subsidies, as does Paul. (The Seattle Times reported back in May that since 1995 Didier has received upwards of $273,000 in subsidies for his farm in Eltopia).

Didier and Paul got along swimmingly, said Serkes, adding: "[Paul] was highest on Didier's list of people to meet."
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