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Eben Weiss, better known as the sardonic blogger Bike Snob NYC is doing a free reading from his new book Bike Snob: Systematically & Mercilessly Realigning the World of Cycling at the University Bookstore this Saturday, June 19, at 2 p.m.

Prizes from Knog, Giro, and Chronicle books will be raffled off. Raffle tickets are $1 and money raised benefits Bike Works, a nonprofit in Columbia City.

The Bike Snob is one of cycling culture's premier critics. On his blog, the Snob has spent the last three years being snobby against everyone from absurd fixie-riding hipsters, to egomaniac racers, to self-satisfied bike advocates (cough). He also chronicles his experiences as an urban rider in New York dealing with delivery trucks parked in the bike lanes, bike salmon (oblivious bikers riding the wrong-way on one-way streets), and angry Jerseyites in gigantic SUVs.

Bike Snob's book is more a field-guide to the bicycle world. There is certainly biting critique of bicycling's stock characters, but the book also offers a history of bicycling, a how-to guide, and some pseudo-philosophical musings on what it is to be a cyclist.

I just received a review copy of the book yesterday, so it is too soon to pass final judgment. But, at 90 pages in I can say: His use of extended metaphors gets a little old (he overuses them on the blog as well), but the writing is funny and Weiss' experience with and love for bicycling is undeniable.

I'll be attending the reading. (Nerd meets Snob.) It'll be a healthy break from the endless budget meetings and planning forums that typically bring bike folks together. That it benefits a great nonprofit like Bike Works is a big bonus.
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