THE FUTURE OF THE INTERNET is mobile phones and handhelds, and, as anyone who’s seen the musical Avenue Q can tell you, “The Internet Is for Porn”—unless you have an iPhone or an iPad. In February, Apple whitewashed adult-themed content from its app store, be it bikini babes or Suicide Girls. This was great news for Seattleites Jesse Adams, 28, and Jennifer McEwen, 27, two of the founders of MiKandi. Billed as “the world’s first adult app store,” MiKandi is geared exclusively (for now) toward Google’s Android OS, which is expected to outsell the iPhone (albeit, across a greater range of handsets and providers) by 2012.

“What’s resonated with both developers and users is, It’s my phone, I can put whatever I want on it,” says Adams, who along with McEwen and two other MiKandi founders also runs InnerVibe, a sex toy and “sexual health product” company—“sexual health product” being what you call a sex toy when it’s sold at Wal-Mart. “We take products that are kind of edgy and make them mainstream,” Adams says. “MiKandi is kind of the Las Vegas of app stores. It’s adult entertainment, casino gaming, anything for an 18-plus audience.”

With approximately 400,000 downloads of 150 apps—ranging from a GPS-powered strip club finder (The Ultimate Strip Club List) and a stick-figure sex-positions guide, to content from established hardcore sites and something called the Dildroid (yes, it’s animated, and it makes your phone vibrate)—MiKandi is really just getting started.

And Steve Jobs is (inadvertently) marketing for them. “You know, there’s a porn store for Android,” the Apple chairman said dismissively when he unveiled the new iPhone OS in April. MiKandi added 10,000 new users on that day alone.

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