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By Erica C. Barnett May 7, 2010

1. Your daily Morning Fizz.

2. PubliCola on KUOW
3. HugeassCity interviews environmental pessimist
James Howard Kunstler.
4. Bikeworks is hosting a kids' bike swap
at Genesee Park in Columbia City.
5. Last month's police assault shows that the police must earn citizens' respect, argues Meinert
6. Josh schools Joni Balter
about Mayor Mike McGinn on KUOW.
7. Young technocrat Joe Fitzgibbon has his eyes on the open 34th District state House seat.

8. City Council considers rental-housing inspection program
9. The return of PubliCalendar
, with a new political focus.
10. Seattle transportation director responds
to $30 million request for transportation funding.
11. Gov. Chris Gregoire seeks local buy-in on education reform proposal.
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