All three of Washington state's Republican reps in Congress signed a letter to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission today urging him not to change the classification of broadband to a "telecommunications service."

The change is being pushed by Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA) because it would allow congress to enact "Net Neutrality" rules (something Inslee has been advocating for  forever.) Net Neutrality prevents ISPs like Comcast from playing favorites among content providers. "All bits are created equal," Inslee says.

Reichert's signature represents a 180 for the Eastside suburban Seattle congressman.

Reichert came out in favor of Net Neutrality on the campaing trail in 2006 and, in fact, voted for a Net Neutrality bill co-sponsored by Inslee that election-year summer. In a 2006 debate, Reichert said:
I also support net neutrality. [The Internet] should be an equal place where people ... come, equal companies ... come. It should be the choice of the people, when they Google [verb], the biggest company doesn't come up, but the company that the people have chosen as the most important site pops up. That's why I supported, and voted for, net neutrality.

I have a call in to Rep. Reichert's office.

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