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Rep. Adam Smith Blasted by ABC News

By Josh Feit May 25, 2010

Central Puget Sound Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA, 9) came under fire on ABC News last week.

Watch the video here.

Smith is a member of the House Armed Services Committee, which voted to fund a second engine for the Joint Strike Fighter, the F-35—a project the DOD itself says it doesn't need.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is asking President Obama to veto any defense budget that includes the excess funding.

The $3 billion contract would go to GE.

I checked to see if GE is a big contributor to Smith and found, instead, that Lockheed Martin ($6,000)—the contractor for the first F-35 project, which is against the GE "boondoggle," is among Smith's top 10 contributors.

GE has kicked in $2,500 this cycle.
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