Allow me to hop off the bike beat for a second and join my Cola colleagues in reacting to Dino Rossi's announcement that he plans to run for Senate against incumbent Patty Murray.

My gut reaction: He seriously couldn't have done a better take in the month or so of "speculation" that he was going to run? His timing was awkward, his inflection was flat, and there were more than a few glaring stumbles over words (maybe he was going for a Bush-esque man-of-the-people-I'm-bad-at-talking thing?). That might all be a wash if there was something of substance in his video instead of just a rehash of Ronald Reagan talking points and small nods to the Tea Party.

Who am I kidding, I can't stray too far from my beat. Rossi doesn't have much of a history with bicycle and pedestrian issues, but his history with transportation is telling enough. He supported Tim Eyman's I-695, which stripped money from public transportation. As a 2008 gubernatorial candidate, he proposed taking $690 million from Sound Transit to pay for highway expansion, rebuilding the SR-520 bridge as an 8-lane monstrosity, and opening HOV lanes to all traffic during off-peak hours.

In other words, he'd be a disaster for transportation policy in Washington State—especially in contrast to Murray, who as head of the Senate transportation subcommittee has worked doggedly to fund alternatives to driving, including securing federal earmarks for Seattle's light rail system.