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By Erica C. Barnett May 14, 2010

On this gorgeous Seattle day, when no one in their right mind is on the Internet, Josh and I (and Jonathan and Josh C.) somehow had the fortitude to come up with 11 posts.

You're welcome.

1. Your daily Morning Fizz.
2. The American Prospect's take on Rossi v. Murray.
3. Last Night.
4. I say we should get out of our bubbles and rethink how we define "self-sufficiency."
5. Environmentalists see a bad trend in the state's closed-door meetings with polluter TransAlta.
6. The Capitol Hill Block Party may add a third day this summer.
7. PubliCalendar: The weekend edition.
8. AG Rob McKenna's daughter elected ASUW president.
9. Erica "Crank" Barnett, that's me, says goodbye, good riddance to Columbia City bar Angie's.
10. BikeNerd offers two weekend bike and beer events for your legs' (and liver's) consideration.
11. The state's biggest private-sector union endorses Pridemore over Heck in the race for the 3rd Congressional district.
12. Revisiting the bag fee.

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