1. Your daily caffeinated news and gossip: Morning Fizz.

2. McGinn vs. the Tunnel. With 104 comments and counting.
3. Gov. Gregoire has a plan to impress Arne Duncan. Will it work?
4. Me on America's Team. Viva Los Suns.
5. Erica on Mayor McGinn's next big roll out.
6. Meet the City Council's bike caucus.
7. Exclusive PubliCola video: Local pop crooner, Grand Hallway's Tomo Nakayama.
8. And yet another initiative campaign to privatize booze.
9. Meet dissident Democrat David Frockt.
10. The C is for: Can't read politicians' text messages.
11. Another hefty article on the state House race in the 34th District. Chris writes 2000 words on impressive young candidate Joe Fitzgibbon.

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