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Marcee Stone Wins Sole Endorsement from 34th District Democrats

By Chris Kissel May 12, 2010

In this fall's race to replace their state Rep. Sharon Nelson, the 34th District Democrats (West Seattle, Vashon, Maury, and Burien) gave their sole endorsement to Marcee Stone tonight. (Nelson is moving to the state Senate.)

Stone, a campaign finance reformer and the 34th District's state committee woman, got 65.6 percent of the vote with 80 votes. I profiled her earlier this month.

Joe Fitzgibbon got 34.4 percent, 42 votes. My Fitzgibbon profile is here.

And Mike Heavey, the other Democrat in the race, did not seek the endorsement—acknowledging that Stone and Fitzgibbon had much more support among the group. Camden profiled Heavey earlier today.
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