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Democrats vs. Democrats Pt. 2: Eric Liu Serious About Challenging State Sen. Adam Kline

By Josh Feit January 6, 2010

Former RealNetworks executive and President Bill Clinton speechwriter and adviser Eric Liu is "strongly considering" a run for state senate against longtime incumbent Democrat  Sen. Adam Kline (D-37) in Seattle's south end, Liu says.

Liu, who also wrote the book The True Patriot with local lefty investor Nick Hanauer of Second Avenue Partners, tells PubliCola he'll have a "formal announcement on my intentions pretty soon." He says he's done a lot of work, particularly on education issues "as a private citizen," but he realizes he could "make more of a difference at the state level."

Liu, 41, added that there's been a "generational shift in the 37th can just feel it...and it's time for some new blood."

Liu says he's scheduled to meet with state Democratic party chair Dwight Pelz.

Sen. Kline, 65, has been in the state senate since 1997.  A trial lawyer, he's a liberal who focuses on criminal justice reform. (He's chair of the senate judiciary committee.)

One recent ding against him among party loyalists, though, he endorsed Republican Dan Satterberg for King County Prosecutor in 2007.

Earlier today, Democrat David Frockt announced he's running against longtime north Seattle Democratic incumbent state Sen. Ken Jacobsen (D-46)

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