According to a post at the Reagan Wing, a GOP blog,  Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke isn't very happy with Dino Rossi.

In a letter to the GOP state committee published on the blog, Mielke writes:
I am very disappointed that Dino Rossi is playing political games with the Republican Party.

We have the ability to take this seat in the Senate away from the democrats, but Rossi’s failure to make a decision has badly hurt our chances.


Enough is enough, Rossi would be getting started way too late to have a successful campaign himself if he announced now… He needs to get out of the WAY and let others run… or we will have lost any chance to take this seat away from Murray when she is the most vulnerable she is ever likely to be.

Dino has hurt us all by waiting for no good reason; financial, political or strategic.  All he’s done is anger a lot of the base because he refuses to make his plans public and that makes him look indecisive while a lot of us see this fantastic opportunity slipping away because of Rossi.
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