Picture this: Scruffy music promoter and mini-business tycoon David Meinert going door to door on Capitol Hill. What's Meinert evangelizing for at the door? This year's Capitol Hill Block Party is looking to add a third day of Sunday shows to the July 23 weekend gig.

According to Meinert (an occasional Cola polemicist), who I spoke with yesterday, city officials need the organizers of the festival to prove that a significant amount of business and residents are in favor of Block Party getting an extra day before they can grant them a permit.

Key Block Party organizers Meinert, Jason Lajeunesse, and Grady Chapman know that area businesses—Neumos, Caffe Vita— are in support, but they're having a tough time contacting residents. Meinert says he spent all day yesterday going door to door but didn't have much luck considering that you need to get buzzed in to most apartments and condos on the Hill.

Picturing Meinert and Lajuenesse going door to door in the name of rock'n'roll (and making money—let's be honest) shows how committed they are to making Block Party amazing this year. (Minus the headache of having the streets shut down for a third day, businesses on that section of Capitol Hill stand to gain. And with a third day added, more national acts—we're thinking MGMT and Dead Weather—will be able to work around scheduling conflicts.) Anyone who wants to voice their opinion on the subject can email [email protected] to either show your support or say how terrible an idea this is.

The Block Party organizers are meeting with Swanson later today so act fast either way. It's also worth noting that a third day of CHBP will also raise more money for Vera Project and KEXP.

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