Xbox Christmas. Believe the Hype.

By Sam Machkovech April 15, 2010

I'm silly about Microsoft's new motion-sensing gizmo coming to the Xbox 360 this Christmas season, but it's been a pain getting friends to understand my excitement.

So far, Project Natal (not the final name) and its wild mix of cameras and infrared sensors haven't been demonstrated publicly very much. But I'm starting to find concrete proof to match my hype—for starters, this leaked video from a Microsoft event in Tel Aviv yesterday. (Sorry, Viddler doesn't allow embedding.)

It's a quick demo—about two minutes—and shows off the major tech feature, full-body motion detection, more so than any Natal video preview to date. The demo renders multiple users on screen at once and—apparently—uses facial detection to sense who's who.

Quite frankly, the clip makes last week's PlayStation Move demo in Seattle look like garbage. Good on you, MS.
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