1. From late last night: City parks director Tim Gallagher resigns amid criticism of his city-funded travel.
2. Today's packed Morning Fizz.
3. Cola takes to KOMO's airwaves.
4. Seattle Times' reporting on underage prostitution bust ignores one major party: The johns.
5. Sen. Maria Cantwell calls out the federal old-boy network.
6.HugeassCity's modest proposal: Shut down Westlake Ave. and turn it into public open space.
7. 34th District state house candidate Joe Fitzgibbon campaigns in the 43rd District, on Seattle's Capitol Hill.
8. Extra Fizz: UW President Emmert leaving for NCAA.
9. Your daily PubliCalendar: Viaduct replacement open house, closing the South Park Bridge, Jane Fitzgerald on urban sustainability, and more.
10. New SDOT report shows traffic in Seattle is down. So why are we building more freeways?
11. Council endorses longer streetcar route, but Sound Transit says they won't foot the bill.
12. RealEstateNerd on green building codes: Cool, but costly.
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