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Rich People Like Gates, Sr.

By Morning Fizz April 21, 2010

1. Bill Gates, Sr. and a crew of tax reformers are set to kick off their campaign for I-1077, a high-earners income tax measure, today.

Their central argument? The current sales and property tax system hits low and middle income people much harder than rich people like Gates, Sr., who pays less then three percent of his personal income in taxes.

2. Sen. Maria Cantwell is moving into the spotlight again as banking reform takes  center stage in D.C.

We sat down for a substantive Q&A with Sen. Cantwell earlier this year that focused almost exclusively on banking reform. If you missed it, it's now a must read.

3. Marijuana legalization advocates from the left and right clashed at a 43rd District Democrats forum in the U. District last night.

State Sen. Jeanne Kohl Wells (D-36) at last night's pot forum

Both sides want pot to be accessible to adults, but on the left (Sate Sen. Jeanne Kohl Wells), it's about  formally legalizing marijuana, regulating it, and taxing it—$100 million in revenue for the state she estimates.

From the right (or more accurately, Libertarian perspective), medical marijuana attorney Doug Hiatt warned that state controls will bring in federal preemption. He recommended just decriminalzing pot and then keeping the state out of it.

4. In the wake of Mayor Mike McGinn's promise to veto Tim Burgess' aggressive panhandling legislation, the Seattle Times attacks the mayor in a sweeping editorial today, calling him "a rudderless executive who cannot move out of campaign/rebel mode to managing mode" who has "demonstrated a lack of listening skills and a political compass to guide him."

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