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By Josh Feit April 29, 2010

1. A priceless edition of Morning Fizz. Dwight Pelz has the knack for daring to say what everyone else is thinking: I'm not waking up at 6:00 am to go to another do-gooder breakfast fundraiser in downtown Seattle.
2. Dan Bertolet's daily plea for the human race to stop being so dumb about it.
3. City planners count on increase despite decrease.
4. Homeless group vows renewed protests.
5. We've got a new & improved Cola iPhone app.
6. Your daily PubliCalendar.
7. Sen. Patty Murray tries to regulate corporate contributions. Good luck.
8. BikeNerd, aka Josh Cohen, on cyclocross and tequila shots.
9. LawNerd, aka Advokat, goes 1300 words on how Rob McKenna might have actually blown it yesterday in the Supreme Court.
10. Mayor McGinn cracks down on employee travel.

11. Topping LawNerd, Chris Kissel goes 1400 words on 34th District state Rep. candidate Marcee Stone. 1400 words is a lot of words. Read every one. This is excellent writing and reporting from Mr. Kissel.

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